Leaving the Gunnison

For most of our float, the steep canyon walls on the Gunnison provided welcome relief from the hot summer sun in July, but by the third day of the float we found ourselves in more open water [...]

Shift in Attention

Since the flash flood from the thunderstorm on the first night, the water was murky at best and the fish were down. We tried using our streamers for a couple hours and I had one fish flash on me [...]

Blown Out and Blown Away

Day 1 in the Black Canyon. I was blown away by the beauty of the cliffs, the raging water, the insect life, and the opportunities for fishing. We started out with a dry/dropper rig but quickly [...]

Angus Drummond

I’ve never seen anyone work quite so hard to make our trip along the Gunnison as successful as it was. Not only is Angus an accomplished angler and boatsman, he is a well known [...]

A Float to Remember

The location of the Black Canyon Anglers (BCA) is a site to behold. Orchards, fresh gardens, log cabins, a fly shop, and of course, the Gunnison River were all part of the scene. I had been [...]