Who Woulda Thunk?

Just three years ago – in 2012 – I visited the Denver Fly-fishing show to try to make connections for my 52 rivers journey that I would embark on in 2013. I arrived at the show not knowing a single person and ended up at the...
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Fish, turkeys and bees

I’ve started my new job as the Library Director of a small, innovative library in Bayfield, CO, called Pine River Library. They won Library Journal’s “Best Small Library in America” last year. I can’t think of a better spot to return to my library career...
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Till Next Year, Montana

My second visit to Montana this year ends as I head south to Salt Lake City for a couple days. Excited to see my friend, Marianne McKinney and fellow librarian Peter Bromberg. If you haven’t yet come across the amazing organization Casting for Recovery please take the...
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Memorable Moments in Montana

October 3, 2014. Drove up to Stevensville to the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Preserve where I didn’t see one person on the hike I took. There were thousands of ducks – skittish with just a single hiker – that occupied the marshes that spread out over...
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Nothing Tart about the Bitterroot

Bitterroot River

October 2, 2014. Unlike most of the big Montana Rivers, the Bitterroot only flows about 75 miles before emptying into the Clark Fork River. The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Bitterroot. Over 235 birds have been identified in this area that...
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Life's +/Δ

Urban Fishing


  + The Animas is my backyard! Δ Working long days.

Featured Guide

Charlie Card

Revisiting Amazing People

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of floating the Green River by Flaming Gorge with Charlie...
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In Other Words


Henry David Thoreau

  “Everyone should believe in something; I believe I’ll go fishing.” Henry David Thoreau