Remembering Phyllis Pool

I remember reading some words of wisdom several decades ago about friendship. The gist of it was that some people come into your life early and remain a part of it for the duration; with others your paths cross for only a short period of...
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Colorado River

Sun and the San Juan

I am restored! A day on a boat on the San Juan with Thom Chacon from Duranglers. We escaped Texas Hole rapidly in order to head downriver where the scenery was more about the beautiful red cliffs than the other anglers, of which there were...
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Getting Ready

Animas River

March 8, 2015.  I could have fished all winter in Durango with the weather we’ve had, except the “W” word got in the way, as my husband always says…i.e. work. With a new accounting program, a new network and two software migrations at our Pine...
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Animas River Website

Work Hard, Play Hard

As someone who wants to squeeze everything that I can out of the short life I have on this earth, I strongly believe in the Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy. That said, life has been slightly out of balance as the library where I work has...
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Animas Riv

Who Woulda Thunk?

Just three years ago – in 2012 – I visited the Denver Fly-fishing show to try to make connections for my 52 rivers journey that I would embark on in 2013. I arrived at the show not knowing a single person and ended up at the...
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Life's +/Δ

Urban Fishing


  + The Animas is my backyard! Δ Working long days.

Featured Guide


Angler, Musician, Gentleman

Thom Chacon is a fishing guide for Duranglers in Durango, CO. Thom is a fantastic guide and he is an...
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In Other Words

Joan Wolff

Joan Wolff, An Inspiration

As Wikipedia states about Joan Wolff, ” Joan Salvato Wulff [is] known as the First Lady of fly-fishing, [and] has been casting since...
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