Back at Cheesman

South Platte River

I really needed a day on the river.  I wanted to hear the whistle of the wind, feel the warmth of the sun as I sat on a boulder, see the red-tailed hawks and flickers and get renewed. And so I headed off to Cheesman...
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Blue Skies at the Blue

Blue River

With the 10-Mile Mountain range as a backdrop, I climbed large snow drifts to get access to the Blue River just below the dam in Dillon. The difference in the river’s flow from last year at this time and this year was significant – 37...
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Ten-Mile Range

How’s that Book Coming?

How can a month have gone by since my last post? In my year of 52 rivers I posted almost every day and lost myself in my fishing, travel, photography and writing. Since my return in late December, the reality of everyday life has taken...
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Fly-fishing in January

The weather in Colorado is something to brag about regularly, but yesterday was unbelievable. Sunshine, blue skies and 61 degrees. The heck with the sportsmen show – I headed up to the S. Platte at Deckers. The first of my 52 rivers a year ago...
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Deckers Featured

Fly-Fishing and Art

This beautiful piece of artwork by Josh Udesen was one among many at the Denver Fly Fishing show. Visit Josh’s website to find out more about Tight Line Studio. There were lots of other creative people at the show, from artists to fly-tyers. When I first...
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FF Show Featured

Today's +/Δ


Not the Real Thing

  + Saw an eagle Δ Didn’t see an eagle.

This Week's Guide

Joe Sowerby

Looking Forward

The Smith River in Montana was the 38th river on my itinerary. Had I been able to float this river,...
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In Other Words

Emerald Ash Borer

Bad News

Pine beetles have been bad enough for the forests of Colorado. Now we have the emerald ash borers (EAD) to...
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