No Bad Days in “the Bob”

This summer provided lots of opportunities to hang out in the wilderness in the amazing west. The American wilderness means many things to many people but it has been defined in the Wilderness Act of 1964, in this way –  “in contrast with those areas where...
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Quite the Adventure

Lee’s Ferry, AZ. June 2016. When my friend, Judy Poe, offered me two seats on a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon in May 2015, I jumped at the opportunity. Even though I had a whole year to prepare for the trip, the time passed in...
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Enjoying Winter

Southwest Colorado has already reached 104% snowpack this winter, which is greatly welcomed after many years of less than normal snowfall. It’s been really cold since before the holidays, so the snow is still piled high on my deck. This week we have finally seen...
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Telluride Weekend

I had the good fortune of meeting Becki and Marshall Pendergrass at the annual Colorado Trout Unlimited event in Redstone, CO earlier in the year. Becki had arranged a most extraordinary event for women at this event and I knew that I had made a...
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Harlequins, Badgers and Cutthroats

Yellowstone River. Yellowstone National Park. August 19, 2015.  When I checked in with our guide Joe Moore about an excursion to the Yellowstone, he was clear that the hike that he had planned was not for those without stamina and strength. Even though all of...
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Life's +/Δ

Life and Death

+ A nice hike on the Yellowstone Δ Some don’t make it

Featured Guide

Guide and Friend Extraordinaire

Marshall Whiting has had a life and a half and is alive and well to share all her challenges and successes....
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In Other Words

It Really is About the Whitefish

November, 2015. Durango, CO  During my year on rivers, I had been told both that Whitefish were an insignificant catch...
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